Monday, November 04, 2013

Quiz & Answers - Old stuff

1. What is `Brickipedia'?
2. For which online ad company has Google agreed to pay $3.1 billion for its largest acquisition yet?
3. Paul Allen resigned from Microsoft in 1983 after being diagnosed with what illness?
4. Which search engine was founded by Dave Sifry?
5. Why was `Podloso' in the news recently?
6. The official name for which short-lived Apple product was MessagePad?
7. What were `flooz' and `beenz' examples of?
8. With who has Google Earth launched the `Crisis in Darfur' project?
9. In the context of Net security, expand SPIT.
10. The catalogue of which studio, known for movies such as Mad Max and Rocky, is now available for download from the iTunes Store?

1. It's a wiki for all things Lego.
2. DoubleClick
3. Hodgkin's disease.
4. Technorati, the blog search and ranking site.
5. A proof-of-concept virus, it is being considered as the world's first Linux virus for Apple's iPod.
6. `Newton'
7. e-currency
8. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
9. SPam over Internet Telephone.
10. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).