Friday, July 14, 2017

IIluminati becomes tube light in Tamil Big boss show
     Kamal Hassan used to keep all his known things in his films as an Illuminati. The secret Illuminati society symbols reached the audience like us very recently. We normal people cannot do anything against them, even though we know the secrets of them, since they have unlimited secret occult power, and money. They have that much vainglory and hauteur on their blood and bloodlines as well. Of course, Kamal Hassan is one of the Illuminati in India. People are protesting against his psychological impact on compering Tamil Big boss show, which is making people to forget the importance of protesting against Kadiramangalam oil issue.
     Their is a big known game on this show, which makes the people to easily forget on the political and other issues. But now the beauty of the show is not able to forget or beat the social or political issues of TN including Kadiramangalam.
So expert says Illuminati becomes tube light in Kamal Hassan's case.