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Sun's new Java promises $US30 Internet cellphone - An old stuff

Contributed by Stuart Corner                                                                   Wednesday, 09 May 2007
Sun Microsystems has unveiled a new version of its Java cellphone software saying it will enable the manufacture of Internet capable cellphones for less than $US50 and positioning such devices as the means of bringing the Internet to developing countries.
{mosloadposition stuart}At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, Rich Green, Sun Microsystems' executive vice president, software previewed a mobile phone prototype with a rich, graphical interface, made possible by JavaFX
Mobile. Sun CEO, Jonathan Schwarz, was reported saying he believed such phones could be sold for $US30-$US50.
Sun's announcement quoted Dr Djibril Diallo, director of the United Nations New York Office of Sport for Development
and Peace, and chair of the UN Youth Summit series, offering his support for Sun's technology for developing countries
by saying: "Bringing the Internet to people through mobile handsets can greatly expand access, and it is imperative that
the technology industry continues to innovate to make that a reality worldwide."
This would suggest the devices as a possible alternative to the One Laptop per Child initiative which aims to deliver low
cost computers to developing countries, but as iTWire reported recently the $US100 target price keeps receding.
Sun also previewed JavaFX Script, a new scripting language targeted at creative professionals, which it claims "will help
to radically simplify the process of creating and distributing interactive content that spans all Java technology enabled
platforms, from handsets to set tops, laptops to dashboards."
According to Green, "With JavaFX, Sun is leveraging the security and pervasiveness of the world's most widely deployed
technology platform to allow creative professionals to easily author and deliver on any device. This is a major step
towards helping consumers access the best content on the Internet from every device and a significant opportunity for
Sun and its partners to deliver a whole new line of products."
JavaFX Script applications will run on any JavaSE technology-based platform including all of the upcoming JavaFX
software systems for mobile handsets, TVs and other embedded applications from automobiles to game systems. Sun
claims that JavaFX Script is unique in providing close integration with Java components that run on the server or the
client, resulting in a richer end-to-end experience.
All JavaFX software will be available free via the GNU General Public License (GPL) license.{moscomment}

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