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Amazing Illusion for checking the Human Brain

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On one Vinayaka Chadurthi Occasion

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Vertical Limit English Movie Stills

Device to 'hack' into Hawking's brain to help him communicate

London: Scientists Hawking to test a groundbreaking device to allow them to 'hack' into the brain of the world-famous British physicist, who has been unable to speak for the last 30 years.
70 year old Hawking has been working with scientists at Standford University of the US who are developing iBrain- a tool which picks up brain waves and communicates them via a computer, the Daily Mail reported.
Hawking has been unable to speak for the last 30 years due to the motor neurone disease which is ravaging his body and weakening his muscles. He currently uses a computer to communicate with a robot-like voice, but is losing the ability as his condition is worsening by the day.
Hawking was fitted with a black headband which has a series of neurotransmitters inside it and was told to think about scrunching his right hand into a ball. He was able to create a pattern which the researchers hope they can one day convert into letters, words and sentences, the report said. The iBrain has been developed by Philip Low, a professor at the university.
It is about the size of a matchbox and is very light so does not weigh down Hawking's head. Professor Low said he hopes that it will be able to monitor him in real time, regardless of what he is doing.
"We'd like to find a way to bypass his body, pretty much hack his brain. This is very exciting for us because it allows us to have a window into the brain," Low said. "We're building technology that will allow humanity to have access to the human brain for the first time. The emergence of such blomarkers opens the possibility to link intended movements to a library of words ans convert them into speech, thus providing motor neurone sufferers with communication tools more dependent on the brain than on the body," he said. 

Press Trust of India-The Times of India, Tuesday, June 26,2012

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Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day – 2012

Today is a SysAdmin appreciation day. The holiday exists to show appreciation for the work of sysadmins and other IT professionals. It is celebrated on the last Friday in July i.e. Friday, July 27, 2012, is the 13th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. This celebration's aim is to acknowledge the effort that sysadmins perform every day of the year 24x7. I hope that all sys admins have a nice day on Friday and get a little less hassle than normal.

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Awesome Image Illusion from facebook share

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Awesome Google's Office

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Linus Torvalds Wins Millennium Technology Prize

he Millennium Technology Prize is the largest technology prize in the world and it is awarded once every two years by Technology Academy Finland. The Awarded is given for life-enhancing technological innovation. Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds and Dr. Shinya Yamanaka won the Millennium Technology Prize, the prominent award for technological innovation for 2012.


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Amazing Natural Pictures