Saturday, December 20, 2008

How can increase the internet traffic

1.Get traffic from uploading videos in the internet ,This is the one of the best ways to get traffic.There is a website called tubemogul where you can upload videos to all video websites.By the way just uploading is only to get traffic ,you should describe why your site is for ,what information is given in your site. then the visitors drive to you immediately .This is the good way to drive traffic.

2.Get traffic from article writing.How would i get traffic from article writing? articlewriting make your blog at the top by search engine optimisation,How?Why?

In your article your blog is named thats why the google see all pages of article sites .Why Google see all page of article sites? Article websites are having good page rank thats why Google watches the article websites.Like That you will get traffic

3.Getting traffic from Some cool Websites Like Blogcatalog,Bumpzee,My Bloglog. These websites are useful for blog website you can make friends with bloggers and exchange information as they are having good page rank.This will help Bloggers to connect and share with them.

4.Getting traffic from the website called orkut,face book ,these websites
are friendly websites this will help bloggers to get traffic .The friends of you will see your blog is.Get traffic from these websites

5.Search Engine Optimisation will help you to get traffic to the site.Getting traffic from search engines is good idea.

How to get my site in search engines?

the search engines sees the header tag afterwards it see the title tag and search engine also see how many back links there to your site like this search engines see your website and also search engines checks how many ip adresses are having back link with you .Like this google checks the site

6.Get Traffic from banner exchanges .How would i exchange banners?.See that means getting back links indirectly .This will help you to improve traffic these are the real methods to get traffic.